I'm a user experience designer who is passionate about creating and understanding solutions to problems of all types.

I love listening, watching (any sensing that is legal and provides insight really) how people interact with one another, their environment, products and then devising digital and behavioral strategy infused with this user centered knowledge.

My professional philosophy could be described as "Aristotelian UX" (wanting to send the message I enjoy a good philosophical jaunt)

  • Ethos - UX through | observation | UX through objective and insightful research | UX thorough understanding

  • Logos - UX through logic, analysis, and deduction

  • Pathos - UX through empathy | UX through storytelling | UX through dynamic sensory and behavioral mastery

I seek opportunities where I may make valuable contributions towards solving challenging and interesting problems. I am a PMI (Project Management Institute) Project Management Professional (PMP), but am partial to making use of my Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Certification (CSM). I'm an enthusiastic colleague/mentor, and I avidly seek new opportunities for learning and storytelling in the DC community.

I also write on my blog about UX, storytelling, thought and learning.



  • Understand the problem

  • Understand the users, the stakeholders, etc

  • Understand the needs, wants, and constraints of those involved

  • Define success conditions and strategize

  • Work collaboratively or individually to develop lo-fi solutions to the problem

  • Continuously test with users and iterate

  • Increase fidelity and depth of solution/s depending on project requirements

  • Assist with implementing solution build by providing appropriate guidance and collaboratively work to make decisions

  • Test solution with users and iterate based on feedback

  • Measure performance of research/design/iteration cycle(s) to analyze achievement and learn moving forward


MY TOP THREE - Design Leadership | Team Building | User Research | Storytelling | Design Thinking


Information Architecture | User Interface Design | Data Analysis | Prototyping | Content Strategy | UX Toolkit Use, Refinement, Deployment | Sketching | Wireframing | Persona Development | User Flows | Interaction Design | Copywriting | Workshopping | Web Development/Front End Design


Axure | Sketch | Omnigraffle | Macaw | Invision | Marvel | Sparkle | Adobe Creative Suite (including Adobe XD) | HTML/CSS/JS | Codepen, Sublime Text, and Github | Xcode (Swift) for iOS Development | Typeform | SurveyMonkey | Qualtrics | UserTesting Platform | Optimal Workshop (including) Treejack | OptimalSort | Chalkmark | Reframer | Plethora of Audio Capture and Editing Options | VR & 360° Video Platforms | Tobi Eye Tracking Products | GSR Sampling Devices | Thermal Facial Analysis | (toolkit always expanding)