• Role: Beginner UX Researcher & Designer
  • Timeline: 5 Days *Note: For the purposes of this in-class project some constraints and desired features were provided.
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Invision, Keynote, Paper by 53, Pencil by 53, Sharpie Pen and Paper



Challenge/Client: This was the first formal "introductory" UX project as a part of the General Assembly UXDI curriculum. It allowed for some freedom, in terms of selection of topic (travel in my case) from a list of options. Core concepts focused on i.) rapid lo-fi prototyping ii.) user flows iii.) sketching and iv.) communication of your solution and process.

Outcome: This project was a great first "dip in the pool." If you would like to discuss my earliest "formal" project work, please ask, I'd be happy to share with you about it. Sadly, my presentation occurred before our cohort had formalized a plan for video capturing our presentations (my response to this was to take on that function by offering my services to do so in the future for my cohort.) Below, in lieu on the presentation itself, I have pasted some colleague responses/feedback to it. 

peer feedback from presentation

Lo-Fi Clickable Prototype