Recent Speaking Engagements

Thursday October 25th, 2018 - FXD 2018 (Financial Experience Design)
Session: The Pines of Research: Designing, Equipping, and Maintaining User Research & Facilitation Labs - https://financialexperiencedesign.com/speakers/

Abstract: Rigorous design research methodologies are key in driving value through our customer experience programs. Blending the unique experience of standing up your first user research lab with the famous tone poem by Ottorino Respighi "The Pines of Rome", this session will provide key considerations in planning and execution of bringing a lab space to your team...oh, and some instrumental inspiration as well.

Thursday July 12th, 2018 - CXFS 2018 (Customer Experience for Financial Services)
Session: Panel REMIX Part One: Are You Even Listening to Me?! Strengthening Your VoC Program to Make Sure Your Customers Are Being Heard - https://cxfinance.wbresearch.com/2018-agenda-day-3

Abstract: The changes you make to your customers experience are only as good as the insights you receive from them. And you only receive good insights if you are truly listening to everything they’re saying. This can often involve a whole team of VoC masters who know what listening posts to be pulling insights from and how valid the insights are that they pull from those posts.

  • What should you be listening to, when should you be listening to it and how are you collecting what you hear? 

  • What are other ways to capture customer feedback outside of surveys?

  • How are you leveraging existing resources and sources of feedback before further investment?

  • Is it possible to streamline the constant influx of feedback so that it can be digested and acted upon?

  • Can you easily communicate progress on the most frequent pain points to your whole customer base?

Wednesday Jun 20th, 2018 - NoVA UX
Session: UX in Finance: Panel Discussion - https://www.meetup.com/nova-ux/events/251554750/

Abstract: The financial industry is a growing sector for UX work. Nearly everyone interacts with financial institutions on a daily basis so delivering a quality user experience is paramount for everyone’s peace of mind. During this panel discussion we discussed a variety of topics on how UXers can impact the industry.
- The major factors people use to determine which financial institutions to conduct business with
- The effects of the 2008 recession on consumers’ perception of the industry
- How UX design can encourage healthier personal finance habits
- How UX activities could address the student loan crisis
- Managing complexity within the mortgage industry
- The role of education in promoting financial literacy

Dan Irwin - Navy Fed, UX Researcher
Brandon Harris - PenFed, AVP Digital & Innovation
Sou Montazeri - Freelance, Senior UX Researcher
Jay DuBois - Fannie Mae, Leader Capital Markets Design Team

Thursday June 7th, 2018 - Invision/Cvent “The Loop” Viewing & Panel Discussion Event
A 25-minute long screening of IBM’s “The Loop” and concluding with a moderated panel about the changing landscape of design including Jenny Carswell (Cvent, Director of Product Design), James Melzer (EightShapes, UX Lead), Jay DuBois (FannieMae, CXD – Leader Capital Markets Design Team), Charonne Mose (PennFed Credit Union, UX Design Manager), and Dan Newman (NPR, Deputy Creative Director).